10 Lords a-Leaping: Captain Crunch Cookie

I almost called these cookies "playground snowballs" after snowballs formed by kids with the tiny rocks in them. These are much more fun. The cookies have great texture... chewy from the marshmallow, crunchy from the nuts/cereal and smooth from the almond bark.

10 Lords a-Leaping: Captain Crunch Cookies
Recipe from my grandma

2 lbs almond bark
2 c rice crispies
2 c mini marshmallows
2 c peanuts
2 c Captain Crunch cereal

Melt almond bark gently in a 250 oven or over double boiler, stirring frequently. Once melted, mix in other ingredients. Drop by spoonfuls in mini muffin paper cups or on wax paper. Chill 15 minutes or until firmed up.

Instead of almond bark, I used vanilla CandiQuik. It came in a microwaveable tray; it couldn't have been easier!

So simple and delicious.


Paula said…
Will Aaron have Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast just like Papa has all these years? Someone needs to finish up the cereal after these cookies are made. :)

These are excellent and I like that you put them in a small cupcake container.
l, mom

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