CSA Box #1

It arrived! Our first box from Driftless Organics.

There was an overwhelming amount of greens floating around the apartment tonight. Here's what was in the box:
  • Arugula
  • Green Garlic (they are things that look like green onions but bigger)
  • Purple Kohlrabi (the leaves and the bulb are edible)
  • Green Leaf Lettuce
  • Blue Potatoes
  • Radishes (the leaves are also edible--the farmer's even kept it under a row cover cloth so the bugs wouldn't eat them)
  • Spinach
  • Rosemary

So, that above is kohlrabi. Here's the ongoing conversation I had with my husband tonight:
he: "What's this?"
me: "That's kohlrabi."

then later:
"What's the purple one?"

again, later:
"What's this one again?"
"Kohl... RABI!"

Now he knows what it is!

Kohlrabi and Apple Salad with Creamy Mustard Dressing
adapted from Gourmet 1992, found on Epicurious

1/2 c heavy cream
2 T fresh lemon juice
1 T coarse-ground mustard
1 T fresh rosemary
1/2 t sugar
1 bulb kohlrabi (bulb only), peeled, julienne cut
1 granny smith apple
1 head green leaf lettuce

In a medium bowl squeeze lemon juice over the kohlrabi and apple. In a separate bowl, whisk the cream until it holds soft peaks. Add the sugar, pepper, mustard and rosemary. Then toss in the kohlabri/apple. Serve over a bed of lettuce with bread.

Have fun!


Betsy said…
Looks like fun! :)

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