Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

T minus 2 days until our first CSA box!

My husband and I signed up for a CSA this year. We have never done this before and are so excited to experience it.

CSA is basically purchasing a share of the farm's bounty for a season. By purchasing a CSA, we take the reward and the risk. Risks? Floods, storms, pests... anything that may destroy a crop. Rewards? Wonderful food--some of the usual and unusual.

For instance, this is what the farmer said might be coming this week:

Blue Potatoes
Green Garlic
Green Leaf Lettuce
Rosemary -or- Oregano

Blue potatoes?! Green garlic?! And yes, I've heard of kohlrabi, but I've definitely never prepared it.

Hearing from the farmer about what's going in the ground, what's getting harvested, etc. is really fun. It feels great to support an organic and local farm. Check them out: Driftless Organics.

In the meantime, I am frantically searching for recipes. As you may have guessed, part of the fun is making sure nothing gets wasted.


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