Last of Season Gazpacho with Homemade Croutons

I couldn't bear going a single season without my beloved gazpacho, and somehow this summer the soup escaped me. Well, I also was missing a blender or food processor.

Anyway, with the food processor on the counter I dived in to one of my favorite dishes. The mixture of tomato, cucumber, onion and the rest in the chilled soup makes for a refreshing and breezy meal.

Serving with bread is a must, and this time I opted for the lower-sodium, homemade counterpart to the typical store-bought croutons. What a difference! Tossing a little oil and dried Italian herbs with cubed baguette (baked until toasted) made for a delicious and SIMPLE accompaniment to the gazpacho. It made the whole meal look and taste much more impressive and time-consuming.


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