Vintage Cookie Book

My mom returned a book to me that I didn't even remember as mine; it's an old cookbook that is completely adorable. It's a "vintage" cookbook originally published in 1973. It's called The Cookie Book by Eva Moore.

There's 12 recipes, one for each month of the year. Each cookie relates (somewhat) to the season at hand. And I love the motherly tone it takes in instructing children to be responsible little bakers.

  • "Wash your hands, and put on an apron."
  • "Ask a grownup to light the oven if you don't know how, or if you are not allowed to light it yourself."
  • "After you finish baking, wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Then you may want to invite your friends for cookies and milk."
  • "YUM! They are crisp and buttery and good."
  • "The look delicious! They smell delicious! They are delicious! Fit for a king."
Check out these shots. And look for more fun (old and new) cookbooks to come.


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