Cookbooks as Gifts

Why is it so special to get a cookbook as a gift?

As I've learned from The Splendid Table, food is about much more than cooking. Their taglines: "for people who love to eat" and "the show of life's appetites" represent this. Food is part of our patchwork culture; it's part of the everyday. Food is the star of the show when we celebrate a special occasion. Food is our survival and tradition. It's no wonder why food is intimate to us all.

When you think of it this way, it becomes obvious why it's special to share tidbits of your experiences with food with another--via a trusted and beloved cookbook.

The recipes represent a memories of dishes prepared and enjoyed. The recipes represent a look into the future--recipes that will be made and enjoyed for years to come.

When you give someone a trusted cookbook, you're giving them part of your experience. And a bit of enjoyment to be used throughout the future years.


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