The Splendid Table

Last week I had the pleasure of going to a book launch event for Lynn Rossetto-Kasper's and Sally Swift's new book titled The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper. The Splendid Table is one of my favorite radio shows. Here's how they described the event:

"Kasper’s show will take you beyond the written page and kitchen, into the serendipitous tangle that is modern day eating. Today food embraces nearly every dimension of how we live. From fantasy to science, from sex to satire, from politics to art—this is the night it all comes together on stage."

Well I'd say all that was true. The show was a reflection on different shows of The Splendid Table over the years. They played a number of clips including interviews with Julia Child, Ann Bancroft (the explorer) and many other foodies. The authors of Roadfood, Jane and Michael Stern, were also there with sumptuous descriptions of hot dogs. Yeah--that's right--hot dogs.

If you're familiar with the great radio show that is The Splendid Table, then you'd remember the game Lynn plays each week called Stump the Cook, where a caller tells her about five ingredients she has in their kitchen. Lynn has to create a dish they'd actually eat! She gets salt, pepper and water as freebies, and she also can add three things that the person actually has on hand. A well known cooking personality, Christopher Kimball of America's Test Kitchen, is the judge.

So she took a random guest from the audience to play the game who just happened to be.... Al Franken! He listed off a few crazy items in his fridge and Lynn masterfully made sense of it.

It was a very enjoyable evening, and now I'm looking forward to making a recipe from my edition of How to Eat Supper (signed by the authors, thank you very much)!


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