Beer Making! Batch #1

Have you ever made your own beer? As beer lovers, my fiance and I decided to give it a try! The advice of my father, a brewmaster in my world, came in very handy. He had all the right equipment to get us going. We decided on a Nut Brown Ale since it's a good beginner's beer. We were lucky enough to crack open our first bottle tonight--YUM!

Let me fill you in on the beer making experience. We started out with "the boil" where we boiled the water with the malt and grains (that were in a tea-bag-like thing). The hops went in for just 3 minutes at the end. Then we cooled this mixture, called the wort (pronounced "wert"). Once cooled, we added the yeast.

Then it fermented for 1 week.

Then we transfered it into ANOTHER carboy (the big, glass container) to ferment for another week. This is supposed to create a "cleaner" taste because you don't let the krausen, which is the foamy layer you see floating in the carboy, fall through the beer.

Then it fermented for 1 more week.

We bottled the beer in 22 oz bottles. We were supposed to wait 2 weeks before tasting it (checking for carbonation).

We waited 1 week and couldn't take it anymore...


It had a delicious, chocolatey flavor. The carbonation was light. We're going to wait another few days before opening bottle #2.

What should we name our brew? We're thinking Brown Bear: the get-out-of-winter-hibernation brew.

PICTURED: 1 / The carboy with krausen on top. 2 / All bottled up. 3 /A good pour.



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