My French Boule

Earlier this month I took a cooking class on bread making at Cooks of Crocus Hill. I've always loved bread, but I can't stand the store-bought sandwich stuff. The class taught me some great tips... but bread baking is something that takes a little practice and even confidence!

Today was my first attempt without "teacher" standing by. I used my brand new scale to weigh out the ingredients... mixed... kneaded... fermented... punched... scaled... rounded... etc.

I did run in to one mishap. When I was proofing the bread, I put it on the baking stone that was sitting on the preheating-oven (because you're supposed to keep it in a warm spot). Well, the top of the oven got a little too warm and actually started to bake the bread! Since I'm not one to waste, I shaved the baked bottom off with a serrated knife. No problem, right?

Well, it did taste good when all was said and done although the crust was not as "crusty" as it was last time, but I think I could have baked it a little longer to crisp it up a bit. Stand by as I continue to work on My French Boule.


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